The process for generating fabrication files is the same for nearly all Chinese fab services in my experience, and I just wanted to share some of the configuration settings that I use in Altium, hopefully easing the process for others.

Altium requires two operations to output the required files for all boards, these settings have been tested exhaustively with Mitch @ Hackvana.

First, the NC Drill File:

Next, the Gerber Files:




Please note: The layers output shows me exporting Mechanical 2, not Mechanial 1. Due to a few problems I generally use Mechanical 2 for board outlines. This file must be renamed prior to zipping. 

After both of these Fabrication Output’s have been run, it is simply a matter of navigating to the output directory, renaming the GM2 file to GM1 if required, selecting the Gerbers and the .TXT drill file and zipping them all together.

If further information is needed, please get in touch and I will add some more details!

Happy Gerbering!