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Yesterday was the transit of Venus here on Earth.  If you haven’t already heard about it, then you for sure you don’t know the people I know!

Just a quick post to share a couple of photos that I took.

An earlier shot of Venus transitting the sun.

Later in the day I managed to setup the gear in the office and sneak this shot:

A very late shot of the transit - look for the small bump in the bottom left.

The photos were taken through a Skywatcher ED80 Telescope with a Canon 40D Camera mounted at prime focus.  They have had almost no processing as I don’t have access to Photoshop at work.  The second photo is a bit fuzzier as it was taken through the dirty office windows!

That’s all folks!

Initium Novum

The time is right.  It has finally occurred.  After years of contemplation, consideration and plain laziness I have finally decided to update my website!

This will hopefully become a collection of all things tinkering, documenting different projects that I am thinking about and working on.  I also hope to provide a healthy collection of links with regard to electronics and hackery, particularly in the Australian corner of the globe.


Some of the undertakings demonstrated on this website are dangerous and should not be attempted by unskilled persons.
I take no responsibility for any damage done to persons, property or relationships as a result of this information.
Information is provided on the understanding that it is correct, but without any such warranty.
Any undertakings based on the contents of this site are done so at your own risk.