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Following on from my previous post about the USR-HTW post protocol (found here), I’ve now written some very basic Python code to post this onto ThingSpeak. ¬†Below are the live results from my code, though they are likely to go offline randomly.

The code that generates this is:



Over the last weekend I headed off to Adelaide for the first Mini Maker Faire.  And it was awesome!

The organisers did a great job, the day went smoothly, I met some great people and the talk lineup was superb, not to even mention the making.

My photos can be seen in the obligatory Facebook album (don’t worry, you don’t need an account!).

Just a quick note to say that I have recently publicly launched the website for an Open Source Hardware project that I am currently working on.

It’s called OpenMCA and is an OSHW Mulit Channel Analyser for spectroscopy work. If your interested, please see:

Thanks for looking!

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