People need PCB’s. It is just that simple. Sure, most people are happy to use them in their off-the-shelf devices, but some of us like to make our own.  Whilst laying out my own board is something that I find soothing and relaxing in a weird, strangely Zen like way – the manufacture of them is a separate matter.

I have played the games of making my own boards: from using etch-resistant pens, through to toner transfer and most lately the UV exposure technique. They all work to a point. Whilst the UV exposure technique canbe great , when you start playing around with 8mil traces and 300 via’s on a board it can get a little tedious. That’s why these days I use Mitch!

This board uses internal cutouts, no extra charge here!

After starting with Futurlec and migrating to Seeed Studio for board manufacture, I found out about Mitch Davis from  Mitch is an Aussie that is now living in Shenzen, and get’s his kicks from helping people get PCB’s manufactured at the typical bargain basement prices you would expect out of Shenzhen.  His website is not quite as snappy as Seeed’s, you need to email him for a quote for your board. But the great thing is that you have to email him for a quote! He is very personable, easy to get along with and the entire process is very smooth. His minimum quantity is only 5 boards. Fancy using an internal cutout? No worries! Are you a bit unsure of something, just ask! How about black boards for only an extra couple bucks? Yep, no worries! He is also able to 0.4mm thick boards, great for low weight or trying to get 50 ohm traces.  Even 4+ layers are no issue. A full list of his specs are at: My advice would be to contact him:, you won’t regret it.

This 0.4mm board was manufactured and in my hand in 1 week.

Note: I have no affiliation with him at all, except being a very happy customer of about 5 orders and approximately 20 boards. Yes, I know the review is a bit gushing – but what can I say, he really is that good!

Just a small collection of boards that Mitch has organised for me.

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