Well, I’m working on a project at the moment that uses an FX2 connector, with 100pins.  I enjoy soldering, but even my lazy streak starts to kick in at this point – hence:

Laziness is a virtue...sometimes.

Smear the solder paste on, add hot air and there you have it, 100 solder joints in the time it takes to….smear solder paste on 100 pins and heat!

It didn’t all go according to plan though, make sure you use a level stream of hot air and that you don’t ‘sweep’ the paste to one end, other wise it just flows through and you have to try and remove shorts from the small gap under the connector.  Not fun.

Whilst soldering is being discussed – I recently completed the IPC certification for rework and repair – check out the test board:

IPC 7711/21 Rework Board

Most of those components have been soldered, removed, cleaned and replaced.  All soldering is Lead Free and was done with a conventional iron at 270C.  I’m pretty happy with it at least! :)

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